Jumbo Jet VIP Expanded for Iray
The world’s Largest VIP Passenger Airliner revamped for use with Daz Studio’s Iray Render Engine!

Included within the all new Expanded for Iray model are two utterly new and distinctive Texture choices!

Blue Whale – A complete Under the Ocean expertise when you fly the pleasant skies!
Freedom Skies – Gorgeous views of Mountaintops, Stunning Sunsets and Fabulous Vistas abound!
To make life even simpler you get Interior + Room presets along with Interior and Room Only Preloads. This leads to extra pace for transferring round and extra overview for putting your individual content material inside this large Jumbo Jet.

The Landing Gear and Wing Flaps are absolutely operational. All doorways and curtains are moveable and so is the seating all through the complete aircraft!!