Power Pixie

Power Pixie
What’s Included and Features
Power Pixie CR2 file
High Res physique Geometry
Mimic compatibility
More Then 270 TOTAL MORPHS!
135 Head Morphs
30 Full Body Morphs
21 Morph Poses
eight Feeler Tip Morphs
5 Head Mor-Mat Poses
10 BodyKind Mor-Mat Poses
2 Poses
6 Bearded Head Mor-Mat poses
Morph Poses to show On/Off
Enhanced authentic physique texture,
Tongue, gum, and inside mouth detailing.
four Bearded head textures
10 Eye Textures
Female head texture
‘No Nose’ head texture
Material divisions, for
Hiding the wing muscle tissue
Easily altering the Feeler ideas
Using the next decision head morph
Fully poseable ears, tail, feelers and wings
High decision customized pixie determine with preloaded facial features morphs
Texture maps (2048×2048)
Transparency maps (2048×2048)
Bump maps (2048×2048)
Preloaded facial features morphs cut up into left and proper sides for final customization
Categorized morphs in Poser 5
17 predefined facial features poses
16 customized determine poses (together with expressions)