Ship Elements C2: Greater Hall

Ship Elements C2: Greater Hall
Sit down and loosen up!

right here is ready C2 of the C-Sector sequence. This is a higher corridor, attaching to the
giant curve merchandise of C1. Even although this can be a standalone merchandise.

Included is as properly a set of furnishings, seats and tables with the corresponding
V4/M4 poses coming with it.

Lights Included.

Content of the set:


– C2 Part, all objects boned
– C2 Illumination helper


– Common Props
– Seat
– Couch
– Table
– Artefact 1
– Artefact 2

– Disable Pose for C1 Large Curve Wall
– Poses for V4 and M4 for the seats and sofa, 6 every

– Daylight
– Nightlight