Saunders Steampunk Tavern in Vendor, Nightshift3D, 3D Models by Daz 3D

Saunders Steampunk Tavern

Had a tough day shoveling coal into the boilers? Come drown your troubles at Saunders Steampunk Tavern! We have a big choice of beers from Pilsner pale lager to Baltic porter to imperial stout. Or if it is actually been a kind of days, attempt our aged whiskey or brandy. And if that does not lower it, we’ve got recent gin and absinthe distilled on web site that is sturdy sufficient to fog your goggles. Highly detailed tavern determine with movable doorways and hide-able physique components. Includes 6 stand-alone props (distillery, liquor cask, beer keg, desk, stool and stein) and a Poser gentle set.