MadLab 4

MadLab 4
Madlab-4 is the newest installment in my very talked-about Madlab Environment Sets sequence. The industrial model medical chamber with it’s ominous X-Table and assortment of diabolical examination instruments is bound to supply an ideal setting to your Hero/Villian art work urges. This pack is handsomely textured with an industrial Galvanized Metal Theme and an alternate Rusted Metal Theme. You may even develop your possibilites with the Madlab-4 Expansion Pack (offered individually) that has 2 further texture themes and extra gear.


-Poser 5 or greater appropriate
-Main Lab Chamber with hallway, poseable strain door and posable tunnel hatch and tunnel
-Poseable medical ceiling lamp
-Poseable medical tray/desk
-Poseable examination stool
-Poseable X-Table examination/restraining desk
-Hallway/hall segments in lengthy and supplemental brief model
-Tool holder machine on rail mounted system
-Buzz Saw Tool tip
-Laser Cutter Tool tip
-Hypodermic Syringe Tool tip
-Drill Bit Tool tip
-Pre-parented Holder and Tool ideas
-Control panel with poseable levers and switches
-Hi-Resolution Metal texture theme in its personal library
-Hi-Resolution Rusted Metal texture theme in its personal library