MadLab 4 Expansion Pack

MadLab 4 Expansion Pack
Expand the chances of your Madlab-4 Core Pack (bought separate, however not required) with this energy packed set of commercial/medical lab fashion gear. You’ll get a number of new props to refill your scenes and as a bonus, a brand new texture theme is intruduced…Laboratry Green, or ‘lab.’ This package deal is a stand alone, however is designed to include with the Madlab-4 Core pack. As an added bonus, two new texture themes are supplied for the Core Pack in Utility theme and Laboratory Tile theme.


Monitor Stand that may maintain 4 displays. Fully posable.
Monitor with ambient lit display screen. Four screens to select from, simply transfer the one you wish to the entrance.
Poseable safety digicam.
Poseable IV bottle stand with 4 pre-parented IV bottles.
Poseable IV bottle with morphing fluid degree and a fluid ’tilt’ morph.
Poseable mild stand with six poseable spot lights.
Poseable tube stand with 4 pre-parented fluid tubes.
Fluid tube with morphing fluid degree and fluid ’tilt’ morph.
Generic, multi-purpose swith with two poseable switches and indicator lights.
Pressurized oxygen or fuel tanks in a 3 pack or as a single tank.
Two Power Cell figures, one stand alone, one poseable with indicator lights.
Isolation tank with poseable door and wheel lock. Ambient lit lights contained in the tank for scary glow.
All eauipment/figures are available three texture themes.
Lab Texture theme with greenish textured paint.
Metal texture theme.
Rusted Metal texture theme.
Bonus texture packs are included for the MADLAB-4 ‘CORE PACK.’ The bonus textures are ‘Utility’ (painted over brick) and ‘Lab'(ground, wall and ceiling tiles with institutional look.)
Bonus texture theme for the Core Pack gear in ‘Lab’ theme.
All texture themes have their very own libraries for straightforward setup.

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