New Gens For V7: Update For Genevieve 7

Davo’s The “X” Table
-Poser 5+ appropriate. -Should work in DazStudio, however might require some texture changes and parenting/positioning points. -PC appropriate, ought to work on MAC programs.

Fully posable X desk is an assebly of:
– Posable Base/Stand
– Posable “X” Table Top (options symmetrical mirroring potential, straightforward to pose)
– Posable add-on dildo and power holder with 2 pre-parented dildos
– (2) posable dildos with bending and ribbing morphs
– Posable add-on Strap Bent
– Posable add-on Ball Gag Restraint
– Posable Crotch Belt with 2 entry holes.
– Pre-Assembled desk/base/and dildo holder
– (2) texture variations: Wood/Metal and Chrome/Gold
– (2) pose information for the desk high and matching V4 Pose information