FM Gym: Sit-Up Benches & Poses

FM Gym: Sit-Up Benches & Poses
It`s time for abs exercise!

This set contains three sit-up benches (flat, curved, small) for 3Delight and Iray. Each bench is available in three colour variations (white, black, pink) matching the colour scheme of the FM Gym set.

It`s a standalone add-on, the FM Gym set will not be required to make use of it.

The toes and knee pillows could be moved with pose sliders and have a buldge morph.

Genesis three Male/Female get 20 sequential poses every, together with the bottom sit-ups, indirect end, relaxed and exhausted.

The palms are behind the pinnacle by default. Partial arm poses can transfer them in entrance of the chest or change to a “hold-dumbbell” place.