Realistic Tears for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 in People and Wearables, 3D Models by Daz 3D

High Quality Realistic Tears.

– Designed using real world reference.

– 4k texture maps.

– Uses displacement maps to get realistic depth.

18 tear combinations across 5 styles.

– Wet Mascara

– Wet Tears

– Bloody Tears

– Dried Mascara

– Smudged Mascara

Compatible with a wide range of characters.

– Works with any Genesis 8 & Genesis 3 character.

Flexible Implementation

– Wearable Geometry Shell presets included, just select your character and double click to apply.

– Different tear styles can easily be swapped out on the geoshell without affecting the base materials.

– Visibility and color of the tears can be adjusted in the shader settings to get the exact look you want in your scene.

Example scene included

– Uses lighting setup shown in screenshots with Genesis 8 base character

– Easily test out the different combinations without having to mess with lighting.

– User guide gives insight on what settings to tweak so you can adjust for skin tones and lighting.