SAV Marina for G2F

SAV Marina for G2F
For G2F (Runtime – for DAZ and POSER)

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Custom, high quality character for G2F.
Marina for Genesis 2 Female, created from scratch,
with the consideration of the wants
of Genesis 2 Fem Model, Mesh and UV development.
Is not a conversion of Marina V4, her morphs and textures are made
particularly for G2F.
However for the feel creation, i’ve use nearly the identical picture sources.
1 Full Skin mat, (Duf-Pz2-Mc6)
1 Full Skin with Displacement particulars mat, (Duf-Pz2-Mc6)
1 Full Skin with Stronger Displacement particulars mat, (Duf-Pz2-Mc6)
10 Make Up addon mats, (Duf-Pz2-Mc6)
5 Eyes presets (Duf-Pz2-Mc6)
1 cornea stronger reflection (Duf)
1 Mascara Lashes (Duf-Pz2-Mc6)
1 Natural Lashes (Duf-Pz2-Mc6)
three Teeth presets,Default,darker,brighter (Duf-Pz2-Mc6)

1 Head Morph (INJ-Rem)
1 Head Depth Addon Morph (INJ-Rem)
1 Ear Shape Addon Morph (INJ-Rem)
1 Lips Depth addon (INJ-Rem)
1 Bigger Head (INJ-Rem).
1 Body Morph (INJ-Rem)
1 Body Morph with out nipples-navel for use with clothes (INJ-Rem)

eight expressions.(INJ-Rem)

Advanced Poser 9/Pro+, SSS Materials for all of the above poser supplies.

1 Poser IBL Light with and with out AO