Morphalynn G3F

Morphalynn G3F
Add Morphalynn to your runtime, and have enjoyable reshaping G3F! This bundle comprises 127 face and head morphs, logically named, grouped, and coloration coded. Morphs cowl head, ears, forehead, cheeks, chin, jaw, eyes, mouth, and nostril. As far as I can inform from my intensive checks, in addition they play good with G3F’s facial bones, so no rigging weirdness right here. [If you find any problems, though, feel free to alert me.]


All morphs are named “MW-xxx” for straightforward filtering and identification.

Asymmetry morphs [4 each for brow, mouth, and nose] simply add real looking asymmetry to your characters.

Real World morphs for forehead, nostril, and mouth help you management all sides of the face independently.

There are far more nostril morphs on this bundle than you ever dreamed of, together with four fantasy Pinocchio noses and three columella morphs. [Columella = the piece of flesh dividing the nostrils, and I swear nobody else pays attention to it when making morphs.]