Kreepy the Clown

Kreepy the Clown
The Nightmare Circus is on the town with Kreepy the Clown!!!

From deadly balloon animals to poison cream pies, Kreepy has a twisted humorousness that may make you die laughing…. LITTERALLY!

In this package deal you’ll discover:

– INJ Body
– REM Body
– INJ Head
– REM Head
– MAT Kreepy the Clown
– INJ M4 Genitals
– REM M4 Genitals
– 6 MAT M4 Genitals
– three MAT Mouth
– 5 MAT Eye colours
– four MAT Face
– 1 Xtra MAT for M3 Genitals

Plus two good propped extras:

– A crimson nostril
– Clown Hair

The hair comes with 5 completely different MAT recordsdata, most of them matching the M4 Genital hair colours.

The head was customized morphed to provide Kreepy the Clown a singular look.

High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to provide to this character an especially correct and real looking look.