Evan for Genesis 3 Male

Evan for Genesis 3 Male
Be Elven, Human, Fae- whichever you need him for, Evan’s prepared.

His set contains:

Full Human/Elven Presets, in addition to every head/physique base (which wants no further morph packs) and Full (which makes use of Genesis 3 Male Head/Body Morph Packs), in addition to Elven ears, cornea bulge and sharp enamel separate presets.

I’ve included two presets: one for the pinnacle and a set for his fingers/toes from the Fantasy Creature Creator Morphs for slightly added further detailing, however it’s not mandatory to make use of them for the determine itself.

His base pores and skin presets embody the whole Base Preset together with separated arms, torso, and legs, together with 3 Brow choices and a No Brow Option. With these, there are Displacement Presets: Off, Low, Medium, and Higher with anatomical displacement settings to match.

Evan has eight Eye Material Presets, with 2 Lashes and a further four Sclera Presets to select from.

His scars can be found individually and numerous combos, as are his tattoos with a mixing of each tattoos and scars added in.

Anatomical Elements are included, and materials settings are Iray solely.