EJ Nina and Ella for Genesis 8 Female

EJ Nina and Ella for Genesis 8 Female
EJ Nina and Ella for Genesis 8 Female is a personality that features 2 various shapes for head and physique: EJ Nina is a phenomenal darkish skinned mannequin, and EJ Ella is a extra curvy form. The textures that you should use with Ella or Nina embody many prospects from informal to Ancient Egyptian, fantasy warrioress, pinups, prime fashions or frequent individuals. You even have 5 pores and skin tones to get completely different seems as African-American, darker pores and skin, African ebony, Brazilian or Egyptian.

CHARACTER MORPHS: Includes lacrimal JCMs to get a pure look when trying to the perimeters. The head morphs are customized, in order that they don’t want the rest to work. The our bodies use Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs for most compatibility with all of your clothes. This pack additionally features a customized morph that simulates the exterior Anatomical Elements over Genesis 8 Female base mesh.

MAKEUP OPTIONS: 7 nail choices, 9 lipsticks and 11 makeups, that may be blended with any pores and skin tone: 7 informal makeups and four fantasy makeups (Lapis lazuli, Rainbow, Egyptian, and Egyptian Pharaoh).

BODY DECORATIONS OPTIONS: You can apply Egyptian themed tattoos on left or proper arm, or in each arms, or within the chest solely, stomach solely, full torso, or full physique. All of them could be blended with all of the pores and skin tones.

SKIN TONES: You have 5 pores and skin tones that may be blended with any tattoo, make-up or lipstick: the default tone, a darker one, a really darkish African tone, a extra reddish Brazilian tone, and a extra golden Egyptian tone.