EJ Aura And Air Goddess For Genesis 3 Female

EJ Aura And Air Goddess For Genesis 3 Female

Aura is an exquisite character for Genesis 3 Female, with an alter ego that could be a deity of Air.
She has a stunning customized face morph that joins persona and interesting, and an in depth pores and skin. As a Air Goddess she has a particular pores and skin that has clouds, sky colours, and glitter reflections, particular makeups and eyes, and a fantasy ears morph. For the human half, you will have informal makeups that improve her magnificence, and in addition particular makeups of stars and wings. Choose to make use of Aura because the Air Goddess, as a fantasy creature, a nymph of the wind, or a really lovely informal feminine character that may look nice in all of your creations. Aura is a will need to have! Aura is a really versatile character for Genesis 3 Female, with numerous options that you need to use to get many various appears to be like:

AIR GODDESS OPTIONS: Aura also can grow to be Air Goddess, with a particular pores and skin of aerial theme and glitter reflections, two particular eyes (all white eyes, and Air Goddess eyes which have a shadowed sclera and purple shiny irises), two particular lips (mauve and Columbia blue), two particular makeups (wind and wings). An icon is offered to take away the particular choices and restore the default base pores and skin.

CUSTOM SCULPTED MORPHS: The customized head morph of Aura has been made pondering in versatility and sweetness. She additionally has a nails morphs, fantasy ears, lengthy nails, stiletto nails, and a customized morph that simulates the exterior Anatomical Elements. All these morphs solely want Genesis 3 Female Base. The physique makes use of Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs for optimum compatibility with all of your clothes.

SKIN DETAIL: Aura’s pores and skin is fastidiously detailed utilizing a number of CG methods, and her makeups have been designed to not cowl however emphasize the great thing about her pores and skin. Her pores and skin additionally contains options like pores, moles, and variations present in human pores and skin that offers you the standard you want for the brand new technology of NVIDIA Iray renders. She contains supplies each for Iray and for 3Delight. You can use Aura with or with out make-up, if you wish to present her pure detailed pores and skin, providing you with the likelihood to render her in all of the moments of her digital life and conditions.


Required Product:Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs