Easy Controls PLUS For Genesis 3 Male Genital

Easy Controls PLUS For Genesis 3 Male Genital

This add on for the distinctive Daz Genesis 3 Male Genital comes with 24 new administration/morph dials.

Do you need a swollen glan or an irregular shaft, a tighter or looser scrotum, a bulbous retracted foreskin, a thicker base? You can modify all these and loads of further elements of the genital with this add on.

Adjust the type of the genital as you need it. There are just about limitless variations attainable by mixing the dials.

There are 24 dials/morphs included to vary the penis shaft, scrotum and glans:

Penis Shaft:

– Base Thicker / Thinner
– Flat / Elevated
– Mid Thicker / Thinner
– Shape Irregular 1
– Shape Irregular 2
– Shape Irregular 3
– Top Thicker / Thinner
– Underneath Skin Loose / Tight
– Width


– Foreskin End Bulbous 1 (for the decrease mannequin)
– Foreskin End Bulbous 2 (for the decrease mannequin)
– Frenulum Shape
– Glans Length
– Glans Rim Adjust
– Glans Swollen
– Rim Thickness
– Urethra Open/Closed


– Shape Variation
– Depth
– Height
– Parted
– Skin Loose
– Taper
– Width

Mix the controls/morphs as you like to get the desired look of the genital.