Barbarianbabes 'Slice N' Dice

Barbarianbabes ‘Slice N’ Dice

The “Slice Girl” is once more and as quickly as as soon as extra she’s in hassle! Slice n’ Dice choices 40 INJ/REM wound morphs for cuts, slits, and slices… Whether she’s the unfortunate casualty in a slasher comic, locked in a deadly swordfight, or just finds herself on the enterprise end of a blade, these unbelievable morphs will add geometry bending realism to any violent render. In addition to the morphs Slice n’ Dice comes bundled with the entire Photoshop Actions obligatory to realize the equivalent bloody look depicted throughout the advert renders! Click the additional photos for instructions to see merely how these one-click actions are used. Last nonetheless not least the attractive “Slice Girl” physique morph will be included! The morphs are divided into courses for Back, Chest, Belly, and Hips. ** Every morph could also be dialed down or as a lot as create wounds ranging from minor decrease to lethal gash. Requires Poser 6+ and V4