Whisper Hair V4A4

Whisper Hair V4A4
The hair you wanted in your elves and fantasy creatures, and likewise seems beautiful in all characters for giving them a particular contact.

Whisper Hair is a hair mannequin for Victoria four and Aiko four (utilizing the match morph included), with 12 mat poses for the hair, and 6 feather mats, 2 for the swirls, and 46 helpful morphs to regulate and transfer it simply.

This hair is for Victoria four however will be simply tailored for different figures (for instance Genesis, Genesis 2 Female, or Victoria 6, or Dawn) utilizing the translate, scale or rotate dials and the morphs, as it’s a smartprop.

This hair works good for elves, pixies, and different creatures. It additionally has morphs to regulate the hairs of the ear space if wanted.

This Pack contains:
– Hair prop for Victoria four and Aikofour, conforms to motion of the pinnacle, plus leaves you management the fashion morphs, supplying you with most management and ease of use
– The ear space is made so you should utilize elf ears with out issues. If wanted, you’ll be able to alter the sideburns too

– 46 morphs positioned in 14 classes for simple use: Fit, MoveTeams, AllBack, AdjustPlace, MoveEnds, FaceAdjust, Widen, Hairline, Bun, Feathers, Long, Short, EarFix, FitOthers

– You can put the hair all again on one or each side
– Three methods to maneuver the hair: bend in any course, transfer with out turning, and bend solely the ends
– Adjust the hair nearer to the face or for wider faces
– Make it wider, longer or shorter
– Move the hairline up, down and out
– Make the feathers longer, shorter, or extra uneven
– Make the bun smaller, greater, increased, or decrease
– Fit morphs to regulate the pinnacle for Aiko four and alter the hair to be used with different figures

– 12 hair mat poses: Honey Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Night Black, Terracota, Cherry Red, Auburn Brown, Dark Chesnut, Light Chesnut, Snow White, Ice Blue, Emerald, and Pink
– 6 feather mat poses: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and White
– 2 Metallic Swirls mat poses: gold and silver

– Mat pose to cover the feathers

– Zero morphs icon to reset all hair morphs to zero to simpler reset when altering poses

– Daz Studio shaders auto-load for DS three and up
– Render settings and directions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

Morphs checklist:
Fit_Aikofour, L_Front, L_In, L_Out, R_Front, R_In, R_Out, L_All_Back, R_All_Back, L_To_Back, L_To_Front, L_To_In, L_To_Out, R_To_Back, R_To_Front, R_To_In, R_To_Out, L_Back_End, L_Front_End, L_In_End, L_Out_End, R_Back_End, R_Front_End, R_In_End, R_Out_End, Sides_In, Wider_Face, L_Widen, R_Widen, Low_Hairline, Raise_Hairline,
Out_Hairline, Bigger_Bun, Hig_Big_Bun, Lower_Bun, Smaller_Bun, Asymmetry, Length, L_Long, R_Long, L_Short, R_Short, Ear_Adjust, Ear_Hair_Out, Big_Head, Top_Head

Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
This hair is for Victoria four. You can use it with Aiko four too (elective)
PC Compatible. Not examined in Mac.