Dystopian Worker Drone [REPACK]

Dystopian Worker Drone
Dystopian Worker Drone (DWD) Nickname: Dweed.

These are the Drones you’ve been on the lookout for!

These three figures are constructed for versatility and exhausting work. The Torso determine comes with three switchable heads. Material information allow you to change colors from default steel to Red, Blue or Yellow, with and with out graphic labels. Eye Lenses for every head have supplies for Bright, Dark, or Off. Each determine comes with its personal set of poses plus a collection of poses for the Torso that isolate simply the arms.

Put them to work within the Uranium mines on Io or scrubbing carbon off the Warp Nacelles. They’ll work tirelessly only for you, till they ultimately revolt and run amok.

Batteries not included.

From team-Dystopia: moebius87, billy dwelling, and deci6el