Dark Tek

Dark Tek

She fears not the darkness of the galaxy’s outer limits- an assassin of magnificence, thriller, and stealth. The Dark Tek program accepts solely the deadliest femme fatales; from bounty hunters to thrill seekers- and the steely eyed woman who graduates is not the equivalent.

Dark Tek is a big darkish sci-fi bundle that features a full character for V4 full with textures, second pores and pores and skin armors, morphs and decisions.

Dark Tek Head INJ
Dark Tek Head REM
Dark Tek Eyes INJ
Dark Tek Eyes REM
Dark Tek Body INJ
Dark Tek Body REM

Full Bodied MATs to provide the outfits confirmed throughout the advert renders:
– Full Body Suit 1 (flex armor)
– Full Body Suit 2 (extreme heat swimsuit)
– Full Body Suit three (seduction armor)
– Full Body Suit 4 (half swimsuit)
– Full Body Suit 5 (costume armor)
– Full Body Suit Complete (complete physique security)
– Full Nude Textures

Torso MATs to change solely torso, nipples, and hips:
– Torso 1
– Torso 2
– Torso three
– Torso 4
– Torso 5
– Torso Nude
– Torso Full
– Dark Nipples (applies armor solely to nipples)
– Hips Bare (reverts hips to disclose flesh)
– Chest Bare (reverts chest to disclose flesh)

Eyes & Nails MATs:
– Black Eyes (cybernetic night time time sight)
– Red Eyes (infrared scanning)
– Glow Eyes (low delicate)
– White Eyes (reflective)
– Blue Eyes
– Nails Painted
– Nails Armored

Gloves & Boots:
– Long Gloves (from shoulder)
– Short Gloves (from bicep)
– Gloves Bare (reverts arms to flesh)
– Legs Armored (full boots)
– Legs One (armor on one leg solely)
– Legs Bare (reverts legs to flesh)

Heads & Makeup:
– Makeup Natural
– Makeup 1 (vibrant energized shade)
– Makeup 2 (Dark Tek warpaint)
– Mask 1 (partial head armor, face open)
– Mask 2 (mission masks, mouth and nostril coated)

Dark Tek permits for an infinite assortment of alternatives by mixing and matching completely completely different torso, legs, arms, heads, and eye MATs along with reverting objects once more to flesh tones to extra change up the outfit.

All textures are depth mapped for prime realism (flip Displacement Maps ON).