Splash vol. 6

Splash vol. 6

– 9 Splash figures for G3F (.duf): 5 inside mouth / three inside vagina / 1 inside anus
– 9 geometries info (.dsf)
– 2 Custom morphs for G3F Genitalia: vagina open / anus open INJ/REM mats poses supplied
– 1 INJ/REM mat pose G3F mouth open broad

All Splash works with G8F too.

1/ Load Genesis three and select it
2/ Go to People > Genesis three Female > SplashG3F > Inner Splash

bear in mind: For the genitalia splash, you need load the G3F Genitalia decide and select it sooner than load the corresponding Splash. The splash was designed on the default G3F physique.
For further splashing, experiment by loading further splash and naturally by
together with the splash of the alternative volumes inside the sequence.

You can also use the material in Volume 1 along with collaborating in with transparency settings.
Iray shaders solely.