Torso UVs for G3F Anatomical Elements

Torso UVs for G3F Anatomical Elements
This UV Set for the Genesis three Female Genitalia will allow you to make use of the G3F genital geograft with G3F characters which don’t embrace a separate genital texture (for instance, the default G3F Jeane texture). It derives the feel from the torso texture as earlier generations of Genesis have accomplished.

This UV Set is for the Genesis three Base Female.

There are not any user-facing information. The UV Set is to be discovered within the Surfaces tab for the Genitalia. See the ReadMe file for full directions.

NEW NOTE (June 2017): This UV Set will also be used on Genesis eight Female, as a result of the UVs are similar. Simply rename the “Genesis three” folder as “Genesis eight” and set up it as instructed within the ReadMe.

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